Beginners Tips

You want to play an online casino, you want to have fun, make a bit…lose a bit and feel safe doing it. The first thing to look for when choosing a casino is how long it’s been going. There are plenty of other review sites you can check out and they will be recommending reputable sites as we do. The Casino should have a phone contact: ring them and check them out, ask them all the questions about security, money transfer methods, payout schedules etc.

Each casino game, such as online pokies uses random number generators to create results, so cheating is extremely unlikely and they would soon have their licence withdrawn, remember, a run of bad luck is as likely at an online casino as a land based casino, don’t assume that you are being cheated . Keep your eye on players’ blogs/comment pages etc. They will give you a clear picture of how the casinos operate from their perspective.

Remember that when your playing online your enjoyment can be seriously affected by the type of software the casino is operating; if you have an old computer with a slow internet connection you are better of playing Java or Flash downloads. The best softwares currently being used are the Cryptologic and Microgaming packages and most of the casinos we recommend use these. Try out all the free play downloads and instant access sites we recommend before deciding on what software suits you best.

The beauty of playing online is that you can take your time, you can play for free at most sites and develop your strategy. Playing Blackjack for example can be fast on the internet,but no one can tell you to put your strategy card away! When you are playing multiplayer games things slow down a bit…we recommend you start with these sort of games.

Playing kasino bonuses are often bigger if you are using the recommended payment methods like NETELLER ,you also tend to get your winnings quicker this way.

Our advice is to use well established casinos, and play for fun first – i.e don’t use your own money, get to know the games you like to play, read the small print regarding payout, bonus schemes etc. Look for any gaming licence links. They are normally good indicators of safe casinos. After all that, you will feel more at ease playing for real and betting online!