Player’s Club Cards

Many gaming establishments will give you the opportunity to get a player’s club card. The name the particular casino calls it may differ, though they all have similar benefits.

Unless you really are that person who is actually going to gamble very little on games such as free scratch cards, player’s club cards are almost always a good thing to get. Some places have thousand dollar drawings on the hour. You want the opportunity to win of course. That certainly adds to the overall excitement of being there. You could win even when you aren’t sitting at a table, or pulling a lever. In places where that happens, that enough is worth the trouble of getting a card.

Each time you do almost anything, give them your card. Many buffets have two prices, one for card holders, and a higher one for non card holders. The more you do with them knowing who you are, the more chance you have of getting free offers. If you spend enough, they might even call you at a future date to offer you a free hotel room for the night. They might even award you a number of free slot plays. They want you to return. Basically, the card system allows them a way to be good to the people who are good to them.

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