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General Guidelines for Playing Video Poker

Casino visitors from all corners of the world play video poker or betting on mobiles, saying that the game has become extremely popular is an understatement. There are different types of video poker games and players are free to choose those they find appealing. While this is the case, there are regions where poker is more popular than others and some of the reasons behind this include the availability of machines and outlets that make it easy to enjoy the game. In order to enjoy video poker, there are certain things you need to keep in mind and these are as highlighted below.

*    As far as video poker is concerned, keep in mind that there is nothing like ‘tight’ or ‘loose’ machines. This is because they are randomly programmed.

*    Every card has a high chance of popping up with every hand and this is because the machines are random. You have to keep in mind that these machines use single 52 card deck and this is often indicated on the machine. For the purpose of increasing your chances of winning, it is advisable not use a machine that does not use one deck.

*    There are a couple of things that come in handy in determining whether you win or not and these include your speed, card combination and bank roll.


For a player to win at video poker, they must have excellent speed and good poker strategy. This is because though the poker machines are always random, there are instances when they are affected by the cards selected and the randomness of the game.

As such, the faster you play, the easier and quicker it is to get through the fluctuations and the easier it is to see the winning hands. This in turn increases your chances of winning. Unless a player is fast, it is easy for them to hold the right hands but still not win.

Card Combination

This works hand in hand with your playing speed and this is because while playing fast is an ideal thing, having the wrong cards can destroy a players bankroll in the shortest possible duration. This means you must learn more about the card combinations and there are guides on Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and Jacks or Better that can help you determine this.


This is another critical element and this is because it determines the denomination to play as well as the type of video poker game to play. In this respect, there are two important things you need to keep in mind and these are as highlighted below.

*    The bankroll should be capable of supporting the denomination you have selected.
*    It should also withstand any downward fluctuations as is common with most poker machines.

These guidelines come in handy for eight hours of sustained play. The more you play video poker, the easier it becomes to adapt to the rules and consequently, it is advisable to try your hand at the game as often as possible. Also, keep in mind that knowledge is power and the more you learn about video poker, the higher the chances of winning in all games.