Tipping The Attendants

The attendants work hard at the casino. They stay on their feet for long periods of time and they make sure that you’re happy when you’re playing. Most of the time; you’ll find that the attendants will help you have questions. They’ll also be glad to guide you when you have questions or might not understand what you’re doing.

If you don’t win or end up losing a lot of money most people walk away without even bothering to tip the attendant. Remember that because you lost it’s not the attendants fault and you should still tip the attendant something. The attendant will always remember who tips them and who doesn’t.

When you do win big with gambling and have a lot of money, that’s when you make sure that you give the attendant a big tip. You’ll be surprised at how this might work in your favor in the future. Another thing to remember, attendants talk to each other and they will find out fast who tips them big and who might not. If you want the attendants to be in your favor and treat you right when you’re playing, then always give them a nice big tip that they’ll remember for life.